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    Woman’s Letter to Her Ex-husband’s New Wife

    Candice Curry wrote a letter to her ex-husband’s new wife Ashley Parish, and it is definitely not what you would expect from an ex-wife. Here is the full letter from Curry’s blog. To My Daughter’s Stepmom, I never wanted you here. You simply were never part of the plan. Growing up and dreaming of my family I […]

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    Florida Police Officer Killed : 23 yr old suspect arrested

    Charles Kondek, a 45 yr old Florida police officer was shot and killed early this morning. Kondek a 17 year old veteran, is said to be originally from New York and the father to five children. Authorities say Kondek responded to a call for service shortly after 2 a.m. Police said the suspect shot at the […]

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    Black Gunman Kills 2 NYPD Cops Seeking Revenge For The Killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner

    It’s a very dark time in America. Yesterday, two NYPD officers who had nothing to do with the recent deaths of Michael Brown or Eric Garner were executed without warning. Sadly enough, witnesses were actually heard saying, “They deserved it”. Of those men was the recently-married Officer Wenjian Liu; the other, Officer Rafael Ramos, who leaves behind […]

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    Iggy Azalea Bullied and Threatened on Twitter

    The Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks (who is she?) feud has gotten pretty nasty in Tweetland. As if Q-tip’s latest schooling to Iggy of the  ”History of Hip Hop” wasn’t already enough, now the “Fancy” singer is facing a new opponent: TheAnonMessage, who have been bashing Azalea and eventually threatening to release snapshots from an X-rated […]