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Hey Everyone,
Welcome to MiseeHarris.com! I’ve been working pretty hard on my site and hope you love it as much as I do! On MiseeHarris.com, you will find my personal takes on everything from fashion, beauty, trends, health and, personal growth, I’m excited about my site and can’t wait to have fun with you!


  • iggy2

    Nothing Fancy about Iggy Azalea’s Makeup. Only the REALEST!

    It sounds like there’s a new anthem girls play in their heads while getting ready for a night out at the club. Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” along with her other singles are taking over the music industry by storm. But aside from her well-choreographed dance hits, her creativity on bootylicious fashion and crispy winged eyeliner makeup […]

  • plaid1

    power of plaid

    Plaids are one of the fashion staple we love to have all year round but it also marks that the season has arrived – AUTUMN! There are undeniably a hundred ways to rock it. It can be paired with skirts, shorts, jackets and wear with peep toe pumps. It can be layered with lace longsleeves […]

  • maybelline

    Must Haves under $10

    I just went through my kit and I found few brands that are less expensive but really worth it – quality wise. If its under $10, doesn’t mean it can’t bring out the best look. Sometimes there are hidden gems in the drugstore. FACE: Revlon Colorstay Foundation – you will definitely find your match because […]

  • bag

    Crossbody bags

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin If I have to choose, I can’t compromise my daytime purse for a night. I might drop something essential like my favorite lipstick or my car keys. Or worst, my night purse looked like a stuffed animal ready to burst because its holding too much of my things. Our sentiments […]

  • woman travels

    travel with me!

    Hi Ladies! Who’s up for a vacation? If you are, then let us talk about how to pack your make up kit, and compress it to the best I can. When you travel I think that its good to save some space for other “unplanned stuff” from some guilt-free shopping right? After all, you will […]

  • wedding shoes

    the wedding

    My idea of a wedding comes very close to perfection. Once I walk down the aisle, I’m leaving all my worries behind. I envision a very solemn, intimate and romantic ceremony. Planning your own wedding is like a puzzle, which can be extremely stressful specially for brides who would turn into a superwoman when it […]

  • gray 1

    its a gray thing

    This fall, we would love to wear our gray colored pull overs and sweaters. But it is not only limited on our clothes, we can also be “gray” on our accessories like our bag, purse, and booties, or even our scarf! Here are few inspirations on how to put all those pieces together.

  • diy lash serum

    DIY Lash Serum

    Someone asked me once “How can we make our lashes strong?” And I absolutely have no idea. It is a different case for short lashes because we know there are lengthening mascaras. But on this kind of situation, if we think its getting brittle, how do we save it? I believe their are serums being […]

  • braids


    Braids are really back. I’m pretty sure that you have seen braided hairstyle on the red carpet. Most brides opt to have a strand of braid on their crown during their wedding day. I used to think that braids are only for little girls – because I find it extra cute on them. When its […]

  • transition sandals

    Summer Sandals for Fall?

    So how about extending the exposure of your summer sandals on the catwalk? I’m talking about turning your summer sandals into fall. Sounds crazy I know, but look at these: Let me warn you though that you can’t get grab just any kind of sandals. It must be those chunky, wooden block heels. Strappy ones […]

  • ootd1

    First Date OOTD

    Here’s my quick suggestion on your first date OOTD, and how will you score the second date =) On the first date, try to keep it simple, no sexy outfits. There is a saying that men are thrilled on challenges, so it is better to reserve the bodycon dress for the second date. No to […]

  • pink ootd 1


    We associate the color pink to childhood. Young girls, princess, Barbies and even tutus. We have an impression that it is pretty and girly making it look cute and often associated for the “young” only. Can we reconsider the thought that it is for young girls only? That it is cute? Because its not just […]

  • Naeem1

    Naeem Khan Spring 2015

    Forgive my obsession. I’m aware that last week, I fantasize over Monique Lhuiller’s collection from NYFW, but Naeem Khan also deserves my attention! =) Let me share some of the gowns which I’m sure some of you can draw an inspiration from his creation. This might help you decide what to wear on your next […]

  • ML3


    DREAM. FANTASY. FAIRY TALE. Its the New York Fashion Week and my eyes are glued on the collections of every designer. The Los Angeles based designer – Monique Lhuiller nailed an enchanting show, as her spring collection last Friday Night created a gorgeous fantasy to the crowd. Her finale ended with a confetti of cellophane […]

  • labor day2

    Labor Day weekend

    After every stressful week we will all love a long weekend like this- Labor day weekend! Whether you are going out of town, beach with friends, or stay at home (but will still do some grocery and shopping), we are counting the days before summer ends, so don’t forget to wear your whites and blues. […]

  • blanket2


    When this hit the runway, stylists knew they were going to be a trend this fall. This wooly, oversized but comfy-cape like thing is set to be in style as an outerwear. Personally, I find this piece not suitable for petite frames. They will surely look like a milk carton with hands and legs no […]

  • booties

    Bootie Duty

    Its almost fall. Right now its already a bit cold so its time to gear up on our fall fashion. We’d be wearing scarves, and will start to wear sweaters and jackets. But I’m FALL-ing for some booties at the moment. These are what I think I will NEED. A black, camel, gray and a […]

  • tailored shorts

    tailored shorts

    When you say shorts, that is totally a street style for me. Yes it can be stylish, but it can never be flexible… Until someone hit the red carpet in a peachy coloured shorts paired with a white peplum top and a nude heeled sandals. That is why upon seeing this: a Stella McCartney tailored […]

  • summer sandals

    SUMMER StepS

    When its summer, you just really want to wear more and more and more SKIN! I know how much you want to breathe and I think our feet feels the same way too, right? This season, get out of your tight shoes and killer heels and relax on these summer sandals. How can you resist […]

  • yellow pants

    Monday Style

    Just a quick Monday style suggestion: Pair your blouse with pants will always work as a staple style in the office. But let us give a little twist to it because combination of usual colors will leave you looking basic. Invest on colored or printed pants like these. Slide in to your killer heels, wear […]

  • blazers

    Blazers and Jackets

    Black jackets and blazers are a huge trend and they can be combined with everything. It is very functional and I definitely agree that this also a must-have in every closet. It can be worn with skinny jeans, tattered jeans, long or short dresses. Blazers come in different styles and the most popular nowadays is […]

  • geometric

    geometric fashion

    If you are tired of wearing plain and neon colors, floral, stripes, checkered and aztec prints why not try to wear something that is full of shapes, mostly geometric patterns? With these a lot of bright colors can be mixed in order to create a stunning fashion piece. Check the photos for some inspiration from […]

  • weekend bag

    the weekend fashion

    Weekend bags or now called “holdall” bags, (which I still associate with luggage) need to be practical and fashionable. There are now a number of holdall bags that can make over packing looking pretty and chic. No matter where your summer plans take you, pack for your getaway in a stylish but practical way. So […]

  • ysl


    Style and fashion are often a personal thing, we make a choice on what to wear but we draw an inspiration from the collections of famous brands and designers. Unless we are all supermodels on the catwalk, then we get to wear high fashion pieces. The Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer Collection for 2014 may […]

  • shapewear1

    Best Shape, Real Curve

    If beauty has make up primers that holds eveything together, fashion has its own weapon too – which actually works the same thing only in a form of an inner garment. This inner garment can make you look slimmer in a cocktail dress, or even sexier in a bodycon dress. These are also known as […]

  • braids

    braids and twists

    Braids are really back. I’m pretty sure that you have seen braided hairstyle on the red carpet or brides who chose to have a strand of braid on their crown during their wedding day. I used to think that braids are only for little girls – because I find it extra cute on them. When […]

  • gold

    golds are forever

    Just like the song “Diamonds are forever…” The gold trend will be around forever. From chunky necklaces and bracelets to heavy earrings. Stylish belts, rings and even purses. Gold is bold if I may say, and it goes perfectly to any outfit and occasion. But let me warn you, do not over do it. If […]

  • sneakers

    designer kicks

    Imagine a night out without heels? Recent couture shows of Chanel and Christian Dior chose to hit the fashion runway on sneakers! Forget the high heels first and visualize a sneakers that you can wear from jeans, to suits and formal gowns. Sounds pretty good right? Maybe its time to let go of the pain […]

  • elie saab

    style stunner

    I know some of you are already familiar with the famous designer – Elie Saab. He makes every woman’s dream come true in the form of his creation. Whether you plan to mix + match look or you have a style in mind, browsing and gazing on his collection is definitely worth of your time. […]

  • misee_1logo

    Denim Invasion

    Let the denims rule my closet. Did you ever go through a stage when there was a domination of denim? I must admit it is one of the most comfortable and ready to wear clothes that you can grab whenever you are in a hurry and don’t feel like dressing up. Sounds casual, but that […]

  • Nails

    Nails, nails, nails



    It’s not officially Fashion Week without an army of street style stars stealing the spotlight from the runway. And while we’re loving the collections our favorite designers have created for Spring 2014, we’re obsessed with the looks outside the shows. Lucky for us, HuffPost Style‘s amazing photog Raydene Salinas is capturing all the amazing street style worth swooning over. Click HERE to see our […]