Dear Single Moms, Today Is Not Your Day…It’s Father’s Day

Despite the fact that it has become very common for single mothers to acknowledge one another on Father’s Day, this day is NOT for you.

The fact that you work extra hours in order to provide for your children, attend their sporting events alone, and mow your own grass, does NOT make you a father.

The pain that you have endured and the countless other reasons why you have found yourself raising your children alone will NEVER make you qualified to hold the title “Father” and therefore there is absolutely no reason why you should seek credit or validation on this day.

Father’s Day was designed to honor the amazing men in the world who are dedicated to their children, who provide for them and who protect them. It’s for those men who take time out of their busy schedules to teach their kids how to ride a bike, who show up at their daughter’s ballet recital and surprises their son with a Saturday campout in the back yard. It is not a day for you and your other single friends to bash the deadbeat men that you chose to have children with. Nor is it a day for you to give yourself a pat on the back for doing it all.

But please understand. I am not saying this to discredit the difficulties that many of you may face as a single mom. I too come from a single parent home and remember wanting to gift my mother on Father’s Day. But the truth and something that has taken me a long time to realize is that there isn’t a single woman out there who can take the place of a father.

Let’s use this day to praise the great fathers out there. There are plenty of them.

misee harris



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