Best Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

Beauty products are such an important part of the morning routine, once you’ve seen an organized cosmetics area, you’ll want one of your own. With all of the small packages and different sizes and shapes of beauty products, it’s so easy to see the bathroom as a cluttered mess. With so many different types of beauty products, finding where to even begin with organization can be stressful, but by organizing your collection, you are protecting your investment and your products will last longer. At Modernize we want you to be able to see everything clearly as you begin your beauty routine, and you may even find yourself inspired to use a few products you may have forgotten about.


The first step to any organizational project is to go through your products and throw out anything that expired or that you no longer use. Combine bottles of similar products into just one single jar, or part ways with colors that you haven’t used in years. Once you have thrown out a few things, organize your products into like items or like shapes. This will help you decide what goes where in your new display.

Store your makeup brushes so that the fragile bristles will be protected. Fill a mason jar halfway with beads or marbles and stick your brushes inside. Do not overfill the jar. The purpose of the beads will be to keep your brushes separated so that they are not knocking together, damaging the vital brush hairs. Each brush has a specific shape based on its purpose, and when the shape is compromised, you loose the effectiveness of the brush.


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Organize your nail polish inside of a candy jar. Allow your colors to be mixed in randomly to create an exciting array. All of the bright colors will be reminiscent of candy, bringing a smile to your face when you see it. These wide-mouthed jars are also great for items like cotton balls and Q-tips that you often use and may have a lot of.

Follow these easy ideas to a more organized vanity and feel yourself get inspired to use your products in more exciting ways.

Small compacts and eye shadows can be the most difficult to organize. Because of their varying shapes, they look messy quickly. Add a small magnet to the back of each of your cases with hot glue. You can then place each compact on a magnetic board for display. You could cover the board with chalkboard paint to make an even more interesting display. Group your compacts like a gallery wall, or write notes next to certain products. Your makeup collection becomes an inspiring mood board where you can take your products off for use quickly and easily.

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Another interesting idea for your compact storage uses a jewelry organizer. Just insert your products into the clear flaps and you’ll be able to see what is inside easily. You can store this on the back of your bathroom door, freeing up all of the counter space and making everything look fresh and clean.

By Fashion/Beauty Editor, Bryn


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