We have all experienced moments in our lives that shake us to the core. Moments of loss and grief that stay with us forever. For Sarah Jolie, that moment was when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Being barely 4 years old at the time, Sarah found herself having to sit back and watch as her mother’s body quickly deteriorated. Sarah’s mother, Joleita, lost her battle with cancer and died just months later.

Now less than 3 years later, Sarah wants to use her experience of loss to encourage others to be humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows. You see, Sarah is a truly remarkable little lady. Outspoken and compassionate, she has inherited her mothers warm and charitable spirit. One day Sarah witnessed a charity organization giving out shoes to low-income children in Sarah’s Los Angeles neighborhood. When she heard how each pair of shoes was given to the children to match one that somebody bought for themselves, Sarah came up with an idea. Knowing how important support is for people suffering from cancer, she had been wanting to give encouragement bracelets to cancer patients and their loved ones. And now she even knew how to pay for them!

Sarah’s business idea was simple: she was going to open up an online shop selling beautiful bracelets. For every bracelet bought by a customer, she would give another one to a person with cancer. That’s how, with the help of Sarah’s family, WristTakers was born. But she had no idea how big her idea was going to become. After telling her story in a Facebook video, Sarah received thousands of responses, and orders for the WristTaker bracelets started to flow in from all over America. She even got requests from Europe and Africa! Now large charity organizations and jewelry manufacturers are reaching out to Sarah to support her idea on a larger scale.

The optimism and compassion of Sarah Jolie is truly inspiring. Her message is as simple as it is beautiful: “We can get over anything if we are here for one another.” Her vision for the future is that, as she continues to sell her bracelets, many people across America will become WristTakers. That means, volunteers who will help Sarah distribute the free bracelets to cancer patients and their loved ones. No matter the setback, success or surprise, enjoy your story and never think that you are alone. Wherever your journey takes you, find your balance and continue to reach out. Be a Wrist Taker!

You can reach Sarah’s online store here. We will keep you updated as this beautiful project unfolds.

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