Mother Killed 8-year-old Son After He Caught Her Having Sex With His Grandfather

mother kills 8-year-old son grandfather

The women who murdered her son after he allegedly caught her having an extra-marital affair with his grandfather will spend the next 30 years in jail.

Veronica Panarello of Italy strangled her 8-year-old son Loris Stival with an electrical cable and left his lifeless body in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily.

Panarello allegedly told authorities that her son had been abducted, claiming that she had last seen him when she dropped him off at school.

Police became suspicious after viewing surveillance footage at the school that did not back up her story.

When she finally confessed that the boy was dead, she blamed her father-in-law, Adreas Stival.

She told an earlier hearing that he had helped to plot and then carried out the murder because Loris had caught them having sex.

Stival is being investigated as an accessory to murder, reports Italian media.

He has denied the claim and is threatening to sue his daughter-in-law for slander, it has emerged.

He said: ‘It is just another lie of that crazy woman.’

Stival also denied any role in his grandson’s death, adding: ‘That accusation is something completely out of this world. I went mad for my grandson, my little angel.

‘Now there’s a need for peace and justice. My stomach turned upside down, downgrading a grandfather’s love.’



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