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Azealia Banks Has No Clap Back, But Her Blocking Game Is On Point

Azealia Banks Has No Clap Back, But Her Blocking Game Is On Point

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If you don’t know Azealia Banks as an artist, you definitely know of her as the queen of Twitter trolling and an attention seeking, often belligerent Black woman.

I’ll be honest, I have never listened to a single one of her songs and never even knew of her existence until she started attacking Iggy Azalea and any other non-black person who she accused of cultural appropriation.

But seriously?? How can anyone take anything that Banks says seriously and even consider her a spokesperson or reputable voice for Black people when all she does is fill the stereotype that has already been given to us? Doesn’t “Angry Black Woman” come to mind when you think of Banks? The absolute only time this woman gets media attention is when she takes to her Twitter account to go on a long drawn out rant.

I have to give it to Ms. Banks. She knows exactly what she is doing. She often goes after some of the most popular celebs and whoever is trending in the media, knowing that it is highly likely that the person will take her bait and respond to her ridiculousness which in turn leads to her being the next trending topic on our social media platforms.

Earlier this year Banks made a public outcry to Black media outlets and begged them to stop covering her, claiming that the only time Black blog sites mentioned her was when she was in a spat with someone. Well I just have one question. What in the Hell else are we suppose to cover about Azealia Banks. It’s not like she is serving us fresh “Lemonade” or acting as a role model for young women out there.

If nothing else, at least she is a constant reminder of how women shouldn’t act. With that being said, don’t let her bad a$$ persona on Twitter fool you. As soon as you speak some truth to her she will block you immediately.

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