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“Monster Mom” Tortured Baby Boy On Video To Upset Ex-Boyfriend

“Monster Mom” Tortured Baby Boy On Video To Upset Ex-Boyfriend

Jamelle Andrea Peterkin, Humble, Texas, police, abuse, video

Texas authorities have arrested a mother for brutally torturing her baby and sending video and photos to the child’s father. According to Crime Online, Jamelle Andrea Peterkin of Humble appeared in court on Monday to face child endangerment charges.

Court documents reportedly show that the 23-year-old Peterkin used a plastic bag and a cigarette lighter to torture, gag and hurt her 1-year-old son. She took dozens of videos and photos of the abuse in order to upset her ex-boyfriend.

Video obtained by the Daily Mail shows the baby, whose face is blurred, screaming and crying as the mother appears to hit the baby. She also seems to be addressing the baby’s father when she says to the baby, “Tell my mama you should have left her out of your bullsh**.”

The baby’s aunt, the father’s sister, reportedly said that Peterkin had made a total of 64 disturbing videos. Peterkin was reportedly released on $15,000 bail and has been issued a restraining order requiring her to stay at least 200 feet from the child.

Click2Houston reports that Peterkin asked the judge who read her the terms of the order of protection if she needed to get a new ride home, as her mother was planning to pick her up from jail and would have the baby with her.

The judge answered, “You’ll have to find someone else (to pick you up), because if you get within 200 feet of the child while this order is pending, she’s going to have to bring that child to 701 San Jacinto to visit you because you’re going to be in jail.”

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